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Configuring emails

By using Email Settings available in the System Settings console, Standard Administrators and Standard Masters can perform the following actions:

  • Configure whether a new email sent to BMC HR Case Management mailbox is processed: whether a new case is created based on the email from employees, a case journal is updated with emails containing ID of the case in the subject
  • Configure BMC HR Case Management to ignore emails from specific senders
  • Configure BMC HR Case Management to ignore emails with specific text in their Subject lines. 

The following topics describe the email configuration options:

Before you begin 

  1. To send and receive emails, your Email Engine must be set up on your BMC Remedy Action Request System. 
  2. To send notifications in response to incoming emails, you must have the following notification templates configured:
    • Default Response
    • New Case Created
    • Assignee Notification
    • Assigned Group Notification.

To configure automatic cases creation for incoming emails

  1. Open System Settings console.
  2. Select Email Settings > Incoming Email - Settings.
  3. Click Modify.


    You cannot add new entries to the list. Only the Create New Case option is available for selection, which can be modified.

    1. From the Handle New Email list, select Create New Case option.
    2. From the Data Group list, select a group that will be recorded in a case.
    3. From the Assigned Group, select a group that the case will be assigned to.
    4. From the Priority list, select a priority for the case.
    5. From the lists on the Categorization Tier fields, select the categorization of the first level, and subcategories for the case if applicable.
    6. (Optional) In the Unknown Sender Default field, enter the People record of the person to be used when the incoming email is received from an unrecognized address.
    7. From the lists on the following fields, select the notification templates to use in response to the incoming email:
      • New Case Created Template—For creating a new case
      • (Optional) Default Response Template— For responding to incoming email related to already existing case
      • (Optional) Assignee Notification Template— For notifying the individual assignee of creation of a new case
      • (Optional) Assigned Group Notification Template— For notifying the assigned group of the creation of a new case

    8. In the Handle HTML Body in New Emails,  if  you leave the default NO setting, the incoming emails are handed as plain text. If you select YES, the incoming emails are handled as HTML.

      Best practice

      BMC does not recommend use of HTML in the email body because incoming emails might include malicious scripts, links, controls, and so on.

    9. (Optional) In the Incoming Mailbox Address field, enter the email address that you want to use for the incoming emails. 


      You might need to specify the email address if you are using a complex deployment with BMC Remedy IT Service Management. If you do not specify the email address, all emails sent to any mailbox configured in the BMC Remedy Action Request Server, are also processed by BMC HR Case Management.

  4. Click Close & Save.

To ignore emails from specific senders

  1. Open System Settings console.
  2. Select Email Settings > Incoming Email - Sender Ignore.
  3. Click New.
  4. In the Ignore Email From field, enter the email address.
  5. Click Save & Close .  

To configure actions on emails containing specific text in Subject lines

  1. Open System Settings console.
  2. Select Email Settings > Incoming Email - Subject Exclusion.
  3. Click New.
  4. In the Rule Description field, enter a description for the exclusion.
  5. In the Exclusion Text field, enter the text that triggers the exclusion.


    Only those emails will be ignored that contain the full text search criterion that you enter in the Exclusion Text.

  6. Click Save & Close.

BMC HR Case Management has the following default ignore email rules:

  • Out of Office#1 – Ignores emails that contain "out of the office" in the Subject line.
  • Out of Office#2 – Ignores emails that contain "out of office" in the Subject line.
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