Configuring case approvals

You might need to configure approvals for cases that require manager approval such as salary increase, or business expenses coverage.

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Approval process overview

To apply approval process for your cases, you must configure this process by using the System Settings console.

Approval process and Approval Matrix

Configuring approvals is a process that includes stages described in the following table:

StageDescriptionMore details
Configuring approval rules for casesDetermines users who approve cases that belong to a selected data group and selected categorization tier.You can add as many approval rules for cases as needed. You can add, delete, or modify the added rules at any time.
The approval process is applied only to the cases belonging to a selected data group and selected categorization tier, that are configured in Approval Matrix.
Configuring the approval processDetermines when the approval process is triggered, and what happens to a case based on whether a user approves, rejects, or cancels a case. 

The approval process that you configure applies to all approval rules that you have created.

You can add different approval processes that are triggered when a case changes its status to the one that you select in the approval process configuration. You can add approval processes for all possible trigger statuses: DraftAssignedWork in ProgressPendingResolvedClosedand Cancelled

When the case approval process is triggered, the user defined as approver receives approval notifications in the Messages console.

To configure the approval rules

  1. Open the System Settings console.
  2. Select Application Settings > Approval Matrix.
  3. Click New.

    1. In the Add Approval Process Matrix dialog box, from the Approval Process list, select Column Case.
    2. From the Data Group list, select the group for this approval process.
    3. From the Categorization Tier 1 list, select a category for this process.


      To apply a multi-level approval process for cases belonging to a particular data group and categorization tier, create several approval rules, and select a level of approval—"2", "3", etc.

      For example, you want to approve a salary increase case. This requires approval from three managers. Thus, you need to create three different approval rules for the same data group, and categorization tier, but define tree different approvers.

    4. In the Level field, enter the level (or phase) of the approval process. If you do not intend to create additional  multi-level approval rules, select 0 from the list. If it is the first-level approval rule, select 1.

    5. From the Approver list, select an approver for this approval process.
  4. Click Save & Close.

To configure the approval process

  1. Open the System Settings console.
  2. Select Application Settings > Approval Process Configuration.
  3. Click New.

  4. From the Approval Process list, select Column Case process.
  5. From the Trigger Status list, select a status that triggers the approval process.


    Do not create approval processes for the trigger statuses that are already in use. Delete or modify the approval process for a trigger status that is in use if you want to change the status mapping.

  6. In the fields under Status Mapping section, select the status that is applied for each  type of approval:  ApprovedRejected, and Cancelled.

    For example, from the Rejected Status list, select the Resolved status. This status is applied to a case if the approver rejects the case. 


    Error Status is not applicable.

  7. Click Save & Close.

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