Configuring auditing for records history

Cases, tasks, and people records have Record History option which can be accessed from the Actions menu of a corresponding record. This menu displays records about changes of a case, task, or people profile.

The following screenshot shows History dialog box that displays after clicking Record History option in the Cases console.

The logging of operations is based on the fields that are specified for a selected record type in the Audit Configuration. You can configure what operations should be logged.

To configure audits

  1. In the System Settings console, navigate to Application Settings > Audit Configuration.
  2. Select a form that you want to configure logging for: case, people, or case task.

  3. Click Modify.
    1. From the Field list, select a field that you want to track changes, and click Add.
    2. (Optional) Add as many fields as you need.

       Click here to view an example...

      Imagine you want Records History to display audits when a mobile phone of an employee changes. To do this, select COL:CORE:People from the Form Name list, and select Mobile Phone from the Field list.

  4. Click Close.
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