Configuring messages for system errors and notifications

System messages are text notifications displayed to BMC HR Case Management users when they are performing an action that requires attention of a user, additional confirmation, or describes erroneous actions.

The BMC HR Case Management includes the default error messages catalog available in the System Settings console that can be modified if necessary. You might want to edit or delete the text in the system messages.  You can also add new error messages if you know the internal error code reserved for handing the system error.

Message types

The following table describes message types that can be added or modified:

Message typeDescriptionExample
ErrorDescribes when an unexpected behavior occursThe license key you have entered is not valid for this server. Re-enter the license key or contact Calbro support.
WarningAlerts the user of a condition that might cause a problem in the future    
NoteInformative message describing a nonstandard system behavior The new value entered for the Next ID will be set once the next record is committed to the database.
ConfirmationAsks to confirm user actions, such as deletion of recordsPlease confirm you want to delete this record.
MessageDescribes actions that need to be done to complete a task

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To add messages

  1. Open System Settings console.
  2. Navigate to Advanced Settings > Message Catalog.
  3. Click New.
  4. From the Message_Type list, select a message type.
  5. In the Message_Number field, enter a number that corresponds to the internal error code.
    1 - 9999 are reserved, so use numbers that are 10000 or over.

  6. In the Message_Summary field, enter a brief reason for the message.
  7. In the Message_Text field, enter the message.
  8. From the User_Locale list, select the locale in which this message should be displayed.

  9. Click Save & Close.
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