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This section contains the following topics:

To apply updates to a target database

The High-speed Apply Engine requires:

  • An input source that contains the updates

  • Configuration information that describes how the updates should be processed

To use High-speed Apply Engine

Perform the tasks listed in the following table:



1. Create an input file for the apply request.

Input sources for apply requests

2. Define one or more configuration files.

Defining configurations

Command and syntax reference

3. Create and run the apply request.


You can also include configuration information in the apply request, overriding the settings in the configuration files.

Creating and running apply requests

(Optional) Enable restart processing.

Restart and recovery

Where to go after completing the basic tasks

You have completed the basic tasks required to use the High-speed Apply Engine.

This section contains the following topics:

  • Restart and recovery provides instructions for creating a restart table and specifying restart parameters for an apply request.

  • Command and syntax reference contains reference information about the configuration parameters available for High-speed Apply Engine.

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