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Object names in configuration files

You can specify table and column names in several parameters within a High-speed Apply Engine configuration. This section describes the table-name format and wildcard usage for table and column names.

Table names

Several configuration parameters require you to specify table names. The tables that you specify must already exist.

You can specify a table name in one of the formats shown in the following table.




To fully qualify a table name, specify the owner and table name, as follows:

  • The owner is the user ID of the table owner.

  • The period is a required separator.

  • The tableName is the Db2, Db2 LUW or Oracle table name.


If you specify a table name without an owner, High-speed Apply Engine uses the user ID that runs the apply request as the owner of the table.


The TableName parameter in the [Restart] section accepts a table name, a Db2 alias, a Db2 synonym or an Oracle public synonym. For more information, see TableName.

Delimited table names

The High-speed Apply Engine accepts ordinary or delimited table names. If you include special characters in your table names, or if you require lowercase or mixed-case alphabetic characters, you must use delimiters around the table name.


The TableName parameter in the [Restart] section does not accept delimited table names. You must specify the restart table by using an ordinary name, by using a Db2 alias or synonym, or by using an Oracle public synonym.

The following table shows some examples of delimited table names. The use of delimiters must conform to the following rules:

  • High-speed Apply Engine supports single ( ' ) or double ( ' ) quotation marks as delimiters.

  • The owner and tableName are distinct nodes, and they can be delimited separately. If the entire name is delimited, it will be qualified with the current user ID for the apply request.

  • The first delimiter that is encountered will be recognized for the node, and it must be matched by the same delimiter.

  • Wildcard characters must be outside of the delimiters to be recognized.

Delimited name

Resolved name




(not delimited)




'A DAY'.??'NTH'




Wildcards in object names

Some parameters allow you to specify a set of database objects by using wildcard characters as part of a table or column name.

The High-speed Apply Engine supports the wildcard characters shown in the following table. For more information, see Using wildcards to map object names.




The asterisk represents a string of zero or more contiguous characters.


The percent sign represents a string of zero or more contiguous characters.


The question mark represents a single character.

Long object names

In later versions of Db2, the maximum lengths of Db2 object names are increased from previous versions. The High-speed Apply Engine supports the maximum currently usable name length for all Db2 objects.

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