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DDLConflict parameters

The [DDLConflict] parameters determine how the High-speed Apply Engine handles conflicts that occur for data definition language (DDL) statements in the input file. You can specify as many codes and actions as required for the types of DDL conflicts that might occur.







The following figure shows an example of the [DDLConflict] parameters.


If an SQL statement does not start with INSERT, UPDATE or DELETE, High-speed Apply Engine uses the rules defined the [DDLConflict] parameters. High-speed Apply Engine uses [DDLConflict] rules to process EXCHANGE statements.

For more information about the parameters that you can specify in the conflict sections, see AnyConflict parameters. For more information about valid values of the Code parameter, see Codes for conflict resolution (SQL codes). For more information about valid values of the Action parameter, see Actions for conflict resolution.

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