The BMC Documentation portal provides multiple ways for you to find the information that you need. 

Site search

To find information that exists on this site, you can use the site search box, located in the upper-right of every page. To find product documentation sets, you can enter text into the product finder in the middle of the dashboard on  Searching in any portal search box will also bring up product doc sets.

Entering text into the search box brings up a fast filter to show documentation sets that match your query. Submitting a search query (such as by clicking Enter) sends you to search results.

Documentation set search

If you think that the information you are looking for exists in the content set, or space, you are currently viewing, you can use the space-level search box above the navigation tree on the left to quickly find top results restricted to that space.

Advanced search

If you want more control over your search results, use advanced search. With advanced search, you can specify the space or space type, the content type, the time period, and the author. Advanced search options are available after you click Go in a space-level search.

Recently viewed - your browsing history

Clicking inside an empty search box brings up a list of your most recently viewed pages. 


In the advanced search field, use the asterisk (*) as a wild card, except at the beginning of a search query.

  • Allowed: install*
  • Allowed: inst*ing
  • Not allowed: *nstalling

To open the search to different possible spellings of a word, use the question mark (?) in your search term. For example:

  • inst?ll
  • config?ration
  • inst?ll*

Confluence search syntax on the Confluence website contains more information about performing advanced searches. 

Exact phrase search

To search for topics that contain an exact phrase (such as installation log files), place the exact phrase or string in quotation marks, as in the following example:

"installation log files"

The search operation ignores common words, such as and and the. If you typed the following example, the search would return all topics in which troubleshooting followed installation

"installation and troubleshooting"

OR search

To search for topics that contain either of two terms (such as installation or troubleshooting), type OR (in upper case letters) between the two terms, as in the following example:

installation OR troubleshooting

AND search

To search for topics that contain two terms (such as installation and troubleshooting), type AND (in upper-case letters) between the two terms, as in the following example:

installation AND troubleshooting

NOT search

To search for topics that contain one term, but not another term (such as troubleshooting, but not installation) type NOT (in upper-case letters) between the two terms, as in the following example:

troubleshooting NOT installation

Global search

You use the global search box in the upper-right corner of the site to search for content in other areas of the BMC site. BMC Documentation pages are not included in global search results. To search across all BMC Documentation spaces, use advanced search.

Label search

Labels are tags for content. Each page can have any number of labels to describe its content. You can find labels at the bottom of pages or by simply searching for a label in the space-level search box. When you click on a label, a list of all associated pages is displayed. By clicking another label in the Related Labels section of those results, a list of pages that are tagged with both labels is displayed. For example, by clicking an installing label, then clicking configuration_automation in the results, you can see pages that contain content that pertains to that specific content.

Label search example

In this example, you can further refine results by clicking any of the other listed related labels, such as visualizing:

Refined label search example

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