Providing feedback

BMC encourages your feedback on documentation contained in this portal through the following mechanisms:

  • Comments
  • Short surveys


BMC maintains a public record of comments and commenters. Although you can add comments, edit your own comments, and reply to any comment, you cannot remove your comments or those created by others.

In the spirit of fairness and transparency, when a user adds an inappropriate comment, BMC will not delete the fact that a comment was made. Instead, the inappropriate text will be replaced with a reminder about BMC commenting guidelines or a link to a more appropriate place to engage in the discussion. For detailed guidelines about permissible content, see the BMC commenting policy.

When contributing comments to a technical documentation page, ensure that the comment accomplishes at least one of the following goals:

  • Help other users perform the documented task
  • Offer an alternative solution to the documented task
  • Contribute insight based on your experience
  • Identify an error or misleading statement on the page

BMC does not guarantee or support any advice given in comments.

 To add a comment

  1. Enter text in the Comments box at the bottom of any topic.
  2. Click Save.


You must be logged in to the BMC Documentation portal to enter comments.

By default, you receive notifications when the page is updated.  To prevent notifications, deselect the Watch this page option in the comment editor before saving.

You can EditReplyDelete, or Like comments by clicking the appropriate button while hovering your cursor over a comment.


If you want to provide feedback or ask questions privately, you can take short surveys. The information is only visible to the BMC Documentation team.

To complete a survey

  1. Go to the feedback form located at the bottom of a page.
  2. Select a response.
  3. When you select No, an additional form is displayed.
  4. Select the relevant category for documentation issues.
  5. Provide any additional comments in the Feedback field.
  6. Click Send.

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