Getting updates

You can receive updates on content in this portal by watching spaces and by following social media channels.


When you add a comment or otherwise interact with a page, you are automatically notified via email of subsequent updates to that page. Additionally, you can choose to be notified when pages of interest are updated by setting watches. When you watch a page, a page family, or a space, you receive an email message when that content is updated or when users post new comments.

To watch a page

To monitor an individual page or responses to your comments, click the eye icon in the upper-right corner of any page.

To remove watches

You can remove watches so that you no longer receive notifications about updates.

  • To remove a watch on a page, navigate to that page and click the eye icon to unsubscribe from page updates.
  • To manage your watches, go to your notifications page and adjust the pages that you are watching.

To change the default setting for automatic watches

By default, a watch is set every time you add a comment or otherwise interact with a page. To turn it off, deselect the Autowatch option on your Email Settings page.

Social media channels

BMC Documentation regularly posts to social media channels with information on:

  • product releases
  • patches
  • urgent notices
  • translated content
  • videos

You can follow the portal on these channels:

  • On Twitter at @BMCdocs to hear about the latest releases and important documentation changes.  We also announce new YouTube videos on our Twitter channel.
  • On YouTube via subscription to our BMCDocs channel to view how-to videos on playlists organized by product. The following video (1:53) provides more information about what is available on this channel:

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