Getting started

The BMC Documentation portal is a wiki-based delivery of technical information about BMC products and initiatives. The site is searchable, customizable, and interactive. You can watch the following video (3:28) for a quick overview.

How is this portal organized?

Documentation sets for major product releases are contained in spaces. Right now, you are viewing the Help space. Product, solution, and initiative documentation sets are contained in their own spaces and are cross-referenced through links to each other and to other content. You can view and filter all of the spaces available to you on the dashboard.

What's the "dashboard"?

The dashboard is the home page of the site, containing multiple options to navigate to your documentation:

  • Popular documentation offers quick links to our most-viewed doc sets.
  • Find documentation by product name allows you to filter the list of all documentation on the site as fast as you type.  You can also scroll using the alphabetic list.
  • More information provides links to other top BMC Software site areas.
  • Highlights shows topics for specific products that you may find interesting or useful.

What if I want to view this information on a plane or another place where I do not have Internet access?

See Exporting to PDF and other formats.

Can I edit the content?

Although users cannot directly edit page content, BMC encourages you to contribute feedback through the commenting functionality available at the bottom of every page. This feedback might result in documentation updates. For more information about commenting guidelines and policy, see Providing feedback

In addition to providing feedback on existing topics, you can submit topics based on your familiarity with the product. See BMC Contributor information for more details.

What happened to all of those PDF books?

PDFs for content that does not live on this portal are on the Supported Product A-Z list. New content is delivered online, but is also available in PDF format with every documentation release.  Look for the PDFs page in every doc set.

Which browsers are supported?

Although you should be able to view the site content in most modern browsers, Confluence (this wiki platform) officially supports these:


  • Google Chrome - latest stable version 
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Mozilla Firefox - latest stable version 
  • Safari (Mac only) - latest stable version


  • Android 4.4 or later
  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Safari (iOS)
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