Favorite products and saved pages

You can access and edit your favorite BMC products from the star menu, and save documentation pages for future reference with the pins menu.

BMC Favorites

Your most-referenced products can be accessed through the BMC Favorites menu in the star icon on the docs.bmc.com toolbar, which offers quick access to additional resources related to your favorite product.

Adding a new BMC Favorite

To add a new favorite product to your BMC Favorites list, open the star menu and search by product name, then click the star icon next to the product you want to favorite.

Removing a product from your BMC Favorites

To un-favorite a product, click the star icon next to the favorited product you want to remove from your favorites list.


  • Favoriting a product does not mean you will receive automatic notifications about documentation updates updates. For information about how to be notified about page updates, see Watching pages to receive notifications of updates.
  • You must be authenticated to favorite products.

Pins (pages saved for later)

You can pin pages for your reference during future visits and to limit searches to your set of pinned pages.   

Pinning and un-pinning pages

To add a page to your Pin list, navigate to the page you want to bookmark and click the Pin icon in the toolbar, then click Pin this page.  You can likewise click Unpin this page to remove a saved page from your list.

Managing your pins

You can see and edit your Pins list on a dedicated page by clicking Manage in the Pins menu or navigating to Your Pinned Pages.


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