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The service name is changed from BMC Helix Vulnerability Management to BMC Helix Automation Console.
You can find the latest documentation at BMC Helix Automation Console. .

Onboarding BMC Helix subscribers

This topic helps you get started if you have subscribed to BMC Helix Automation Console.


Complete the prerequisite tasks.

Ensure that a compatible TrueSight Server Automation version is installed. 

For details, see System requirements.


Configure the TrueSight Server Automation connector in BMC Helix Automation Console.

When your account is created, you receive the URL and the credentials to log on to the BMC Helix Portal. Using the Remedy Single Sign-On credentials, log on and click the BMC Helix Automation Console tile to configure the TrueSight Server Automation connector.

You run a TrueSight Server Automation connector in your environment to ensure that the connection between the Server Automation and Automation Console is established. The connector ensures that Automation Console receives notifications even if the Server Automation application is in an air-gapped environment.

For details, see Configuring the TrueSight Server Automation connector.


(Optional) Configure the TrueSight Orchestration connector.

This release of Automation Console supports integration with BMC Remedy ITSM for creation and approval of change requests for remediation operations. Change automation is available for vulnerability operations only. To enable change automation, you must configure the TrueSight Orchestration connector and ensure that other prerequisite tasks are complete.

See Configuring the TrueSight Orchestration connector.


(Optional) Configure the BMC Discovery connector.

This release of Automation Console supports integration with BMC Discovery to find assets in your environment that are not mapped in TrueSight Server Automation, and are not scanned for vulnerabilities. Using this information, you can then scan the assets to identify vulnerabilities and remediate them.  

See Configuring the BMC Discovery connector.


Start managing risks.

Log in to the Automation Console as a Server Automation user and start managing missing patches and vulnerabilities.

See Logging in.

Configuring users and roles

Automation Console provides role-based access to the application. Users access Automation Console based on the role assigned to them in TrueSight Server Automation. For details, see User roles and permissions.

Suggested reading

To learn how to use Automation Console for performing end-to-end tasks for identifying and remediating risks, see Use cases.

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