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This version is currently available to SaaS customers only. It will be available to on-premises customers soon.

User goals and features

The following table lists the BMC Helix Virtual Agent users, describes their goals, and explains how these users can achieve their goals:

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  • Roles and permissions Open link
  • Set up BMC Helix Virtual Agent for the end users according to your business needs.
  • Configure your chatbot to work with the supported communication channels so that end users can chat by using a channel of their choice.
  • Enable live chat for end users.

  • Configure IBM Watson Assistant to set up BMC Helix Virtual Agent .
  • Configure your chatbot to work with Slack, Microsoft Office 365 Teams, Skype for Business on-premises, and SMS.
  • Enable live chat by configuring the connection between BMC Helix Virtual Agent and Live Chat .

Application business analyst
  • Import chat-enabled services from BMC Helix Digital Workplace Advanced to BMC Helix Virtual Agent so that end users can start requesting for these services.
  • Configure cognitive search for BMC Helix Virtual Agent for more accurate search results.
  • Import the chat-enabled services by using the Publish chat-enabled service wizard.
  • Configure cognitive search by using IBM Watson Discovery.
Chatbot user
  • Submit service requests and provide feedback on your conversation.
  • Use live chat to talk to support agents.
  • Connect to chatbot by using a communication channel of your choice and submit service requests.
  • Escalate your service requests to support agents if the chatbot is unable to resolve your service request.
  • Provide feedback about your chat experience by selecting one of the rating options.
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