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Leveraging the English Skills to create localized Skills

If you want to localize chatbot conversations by using localized Chatbot Skills for each langauge, you must train BMC Helix Virtual Agent to respond in the users' language. You must create IBM Watson Assistant Skill for each locale. 

BMC Helix Virtual Agent provides a sample English Skill. You can leverage the English Skill to create a localized skill.

The Skill consists of the following artifacts:

  • Intentdefines the action to perform such as create a ticket, find an issue.
  • Entityis a class of object on which the action should be performed such as tickets and issues.
  • Dialoguses the intents and entities to interact with an application user. 

Supported languages in BMC Helix Virtual Agent

  • English (default)—en
  • French—fr
  • German—de
  • Italian—it
  • Japanese—ja
  • Korean—ko
  • Portuguese—pt
  • Spanish—es
  • Chinese—zn-CH
  •  Dutch—nl

To create localized Skill


IBM Cloud has deprecated @sys-location and @sys-person entities.  For more information, see Legacy system entities Open link .

If you have already enabled the @sys-location and @sys-person entities and used them in your dialogs, make sure you turn them off by selecting Entities > System entities, and then remove references to @sys-person and @sys-location from your dialogs.

For more information, see Entity evaluation overview Open link .


In the English Skill, disable the @sys-location and @sys-person entities

    1. In IBM Watson, go to the English Skill. 
    2. Select Entities > System Entities.
    3. In @sys-location entity and @sys-person entity, select Off.
    4. Save the settings.
2Set the language of the skill to the preferred locale
    1. In IBM Watson, go to the English Skill. 
    2. Click the Options icon and select Download as JSON

    3. Open the JSON file in a text editor. 
    4. Set the value of the language parameter to the value of the locale in which you are creating the Skill. 
      Example:pt-br for Portuguese

    5. Import the Skill in IBM Watson Assistant.

    6. Save the skill.

Add the localized intents.

Note: You do not require to translate the intent name itself.

See Defining intents Open link in the IBM Watson documentation.


Add the localized entities.

Note: You do not require to translate the entity name itself.

See Defining entities Open link in the IBM Watson documentation.


Add the localized dialogs.

Note: You do not required to translate the dialog name itself.

See Building a dialog Open link in the IBM Watson documentation.

After your localized Skill is ready, you must complete steps in the localization workflow so that end users can start interacting wth BMC Helix Virtual Agent in their preferred langauge.

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