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Integrating with Google Firebase Dynamic Links to display short URLs in conversations

As an administrator, you can configure BMC Helix Virtual Agent with  Google Firebase Dynamic Links Open link  to send short URLs to end users of WhatsApp and SMS chat channels only.

You can configure another provider to send short URLs only if the provider supports real-time translation. 


You can use an existing subscription of Google Firebase Dynamic Links with BMC Helix Virtual Agent. 

You can configure Firebase Dynamic Links in the following ways: 

Before you begin

Make sure that you have subscribed to  Google Firebase Dynamic Links Open link .

  1. Log in to Google Firebase. 
  2. Create new project or in your existing project, select Build > Authentication > Get started as shown in the following image: 

  3. Generate the Web API Key:
    1. Select Project Overview > Project Settings > General
      The Web API Key is generated as shown in the following image: 

  4. Create the domain:
    1. In your project, from the Build section, select Hosting > Get started.
    2. In the Engage section, select Dynamic Links Get started. 
    3. On the Add URL prefix, in Domain, specify the domain that will be used in the short URL. 
      For example, if the domain is short URL is short url.

      The following image is an example of the sample domain:

You have generated the Web API Key and created a domain. To integrate chatbot with Firebase Dynamic Links, you use these credentials in BMC Helix Innovation Studio. 

To add Google Firebase Dynamic Links credentials

  1. Log in to BMC Helix Innovation Studio and navigate to the Administration tab.
  2. Select Cognitive and Chatbot > Firebase short links
  3. In Web API Key, specify the Firebase Dynamic Links Web API Key.
  4. In Domain, specify the Firebase Dynamic Links domain. 
  5. Click Save

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