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Configuring the dialog nodes to display images from a public URL

As an administrator, you can configure the dialog nodes in IBM Watson Assistant to display images from a public URL in the chatbot response. 


You have configured the IT chatbot and one of the services configured with the chatbot is to request for new IT peripherals. When the end user requests for a device, for example, a wired headset, you want to display an image of the pre-approved headset along with its specifications. This image is in a public URL, which should render correctly in the chatbot response. 

Before you begin

Make sure you have created an intent for displaying images in the chatbot response. For more information, see  Creating intents Open link in IBM documentation.

To display images from a public URL in the chatbot response

  1. Log in to your IBM Cloud account. 
  2. Launch Skill that is configured with BMC Helix Virtual Agent.
  3. Select the Skill in which you want to edit the Dialog node.
  4. Click Dialog
  5. Select the dialog that you want to configure to display images from a public URL. 
  6. Click Add node at the appropriate step in the dialog flow and fill out the following fields: 
    1. In Enter node name, specify a meaningful name for the node.
      Example: Show image
    2. In If assistant recognizes, select #intents and select the intent name.
      Example: #ShowImage
    3. In the Assistant responds section, select Text and click Add response type.
    4. In Enter response text, enter the complete public URL from where you want to render the image in the following format: 
      <img src="https://domainname/image path">
  7. Click Try it out to check whether the image is rendering correctly. 

The following example shows how to configure a dialog to render an image in the chatbot response: 

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