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Troubleshooting errors when implementing use cases in Chatbot Starter Kit

As mentioned before there are several Intents that use Annotations. These intents are:

  • BMC_SmallTalk_DoYouHate
  • BMC_SmallTalk_DoYouLike
  • BMC_SmallTalk_Other_AreYou
  • BMC_SmallTalk_Other_Asks
  • BMC_Weather

Under the following situations, these annotations are removed from their Entities and will need to be reinstated manually:

  • When importing a new service from BMC Helix Digital Workplace using the Chatbot publishing wizard from Innovation Studio. This issue is currently present in version 20.02.
  • When exporting an intent and its related entity(s) using the IBM Watson export and import feature, the annotations are currently not carried over during the import

If the annotations are removed, then perform the following steps to reinstate them:






Annotate the last word in all the intent utterances (e.g. Do you hate questions, where "questions" is annotated)



Annotate the last word in all the intent utterances.
For intent utterances that start with "Do you enjoy…" annotate the last word to the @SmallTalk_DoYouEnjoy entity. The same applies for intent utterances that start with "Do you like…" and "Do you love…". These should be annotated to the entities @SmallTalk_DoYouLike and @SmallTalk_DoYouLove respectively.



Annotate the last word(s) in all the intent utterances after the conversation snippet "Are you a…"(e.g. Are you a football player, where "football player" is annotated)



Annotate the last word in all the intent utterances (e.g. Can I get a coffee, where "coffee" is annotated)



Annotate all the cities / states / countries in the intent utterances(e.g. How is weather in Hong Kong, where "Hong Kong" is annotated)

Fuzzy matching on entities:
There is a feature in IBM Watson that can handle misspelled words, specifically words used within entities, called Fuzzy matching. This feature needs to be turned on manually for each implementation. So, if you wish to use it, please turn it on for your implementation. For more information regarding this topic please refer to the following link:
Error while trying to create Catalog Requests:
There are two Catalog requests that use default values, specifically defaulting email fields to the current requester's email. These Catalog requests are:

  • Create Distribution List
  • Return to Office

If an error occurs there are two possible solutions:

  1. Make sure that the requester and all requesters have an email address in the person record. If that is not possible then option 2 should be used
  2. Remove the default values for the two previously mentioned catalog requests as follows:
    1. For the Create Distribution List request, remove the default value on the Administrator Email question as shown below.

    1. For the Return to Office request. remove the default value for the Contact Email question as shown below.

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