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Leveraging application data to add context in a chat conversation

During a conversation with the end users, BMC Helix Virtual Agent uses different types of data such as the end users' location, preferred name, email address, and job title to reply to the users' queries based on the chat context. As an administrator, you can configure BMC Helix Virtual Agent to get certain information automatically so that the chatbot can return faster resolution to end users. You can select the application data to be used as the chat context so that end users do not have to answer obvious questions such as What is your email ID, What is your location, and so on. 

Scenario: End-user experience after adding application data as chat context

An employee interacts with BMC Helix Virtual Agent and requests for a new laptop with a certain configuration. BMC Helix Virtual Agent refers to the approval data in this context and replies that the user requires approval from the manager for the specified configuration. In addition, BMC Helix Virtual Agent also informs the employee about the configurations that are pre-approved. Based on this information, the employee quickly decides how to proceed with the request. When the employee closes the chat session, the chat context data is also removed. 

Scenario: Adding application data to chat context

Continuing with the earlier scenario, the administrator wants to use approval data in the chat context so that BMC Helix Virtual Agent knows which type of laptop configurations are pre-approved for users, and which configurations require manager's approval. The administrator communicates the requirement to the business analyst. In the BMC Helix Innovation Studio Process designer, the business analyst customizes  a copy of the Custom Chat Context Variables Template process. The business analyst also modifies the dialog in the IBM Watson Assistant skill to include the chat context variables. The administrator then configures the process name in the BMC Helix Innovation Studio administration settings.

BMC Helix Virtual Agent provides some attributes from the CTM:People form in BMC Helix ITSM out-of-the-box. 

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Adding context to a chat conversation by using Person or application data

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