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This version of the software is currently available only to early adopter SaaS customers as the first step in our phased rollout. Click here to view an earlier version.

Configuring IBM Watson Assistant to work with BMC Helix Virtual Agent

Administrators configure the IBM Watson Assistant Skill to leverage the capabilities of BMC Helix Virtual Agent such as localization, live chat, or to train IBM Watson Assistant to respond to the users' queries. 

You can configure the out-of-the-box Skill in your chatbot application or create new Skills.

The following table provides information about how to configure Skill to leverage the capabilities of BMC Helix Virtual Agent.

BMC Helix Virtual Agent capability

Customize chatbot response to user's queries

ConfigureIBM Watson Assistant to invoke custom actions in a dialog.

Localize chatbot conversation by creating multiple localized Skill

Use the English IBM Watson Assistant skill to create localized Skill so that end users can chat with BMC Helix Virtual Agent in a supported locale.

Configure application data such as preferred name, email, job title to automatically added in a chatbot conversation.

Configure data that you want to add in a chat context so that BMC Helix Virtual Agent does not seek answers from the end users.

Live Chat

If you are an existing BMC Helix Virtual Agent user, configure IBM Watson Assistant to include a newly-added dialog Live AgentChat – Login. The dialog enables users to access the topics that are configured in BMC Virtual Chat.

Capture end user feedback about the BMC Helix Virtual Agent experience

If you are not using the out-of-the-box Skill, add the BMC - User Feedback dialog node in IBM Watson Assistant.

Enable chatbot to display the end user's assets and actions that the end user can take on the assets.

Configure the My Stuff dialog node in IBM Watson Assistant Skill.

Enable chatbot to search across multiple knowledge resources

Modify the out-of-the-box search intents in IBM Watson Assistant Skill.

Enable transfer of conversation between multiple chatbots

Add intents and modify the dialog node in IBM Watson Assistant Skill.

Publish a response as answered or unanswered

If you are using the out-of-the-box Skill, update the BMC - Search dialog node in IBM Watson Assistant with context variables.

Enable users to receive transcripts of their chat conversations via email

Add intents and create dialog nodes in IBM Watson Assistant Skill.

Enable chatbot to display or hide the username in the welcome message

If you are using the out-of-the-box Skill, configure the BMC - Hello dialog node in IBM Watson Assistant.

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