Phased rollout


This version of the software is currently available only to early adopter SaaS customers as the first step in our phased rollout. Click here to view an earlier version.

Configuring BMC Helix Knowledge Management in BMC Helix Virtual Agent

As an administrator, configure BMC Helix Knowledge Management by ComAround in BMC Helix Virtual Agent if you want end users to be able to search the following knowledge resources:

  • An extensive Article-Pack in BMC Helix Knowledge Management that supports service desk agents and customers using software from Microsoft, Google, Adobe, and Zoom. 
  • Knowledge articles from BMC Helix ITSM: Knowledge Management that are synchronized to BMC Helix Knowledge Management.

Workflow for configuring BMC Helix Knowledge Management search in BMC Helix Virtual Agent

The following image shows the steps to configure BMC Helix Knowledge Management search: 


Synchronize the out-of-the-box and custom knowledge article templates from BMC Helix ITSM: Knowledge Management with BMC Helix Knowledge Management.

Setting up BMC Helix Knowledge Management in an application Open link


Add BMC Helix Digital Workplace Advanced credentials in BMC Helix Virtual Agent.

To add BMC Helix Digital Workplace Advanced client application credentials

Define BMC Helix Knowledge Management knowledge as a search provider for chatbot.

Defining a knowledge search provider for chatbot

Post-configuration considerations

After configuring BMC Helix Knowledge Management search in BMC Helix Virtual Agent, the following parameters of the knowledge article are not displayed to the end users:

  • The updated time stamp of the article.
  • The updated view count and up or down votes of an article are displayed after periodic synchronization of the articles. 
  • End users can view the complete article in the chatbot web UI. The articles cannot be launched from the chatbot. 
  • End users can view only those articles for which they have the viewing permissions. 
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