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The following table provides an overview of key topics to assist you with getting started with your BMC Helix services:




During the activation phase, BMC prepares the service for use. The BMC SaaS Operations team provisions the required environments and loads basic customer-specific content. Activation activities commence at contract execution and are overseen by your assigned Customer Success Specialist (CSS).

Your activities during this phase are focused on preparing for the Onboarding phase. As activation activities are completed for each environment, BMC sends you an email message with login credentials and general information about accessing the service. Activation activities include:

BMC Helix Continuous Optimization activation

BMC Helix Client Management activation

BMC Helix Cloud Cost and Cloud Security activations

BMC Helix Innovation Studio activations

BMC Helix Digital Workplace Basic and Advanced activations

BMC Helix Discovery activation

BMC Helix iPaaS activation

BMC Helix ITSM activation

BMC Helix Operations Management activation

BMC Helix Automation Console activation

Subscribe to services

For more information, see:

Service entitlements

For information on service entitlements, select the appropriate service from BMC Helix services, then navigate to the License entitlements section.


Your BMC Helix services come with a standard set of environments. To review the standard environments for your service, select the appropriate service from BMC Helix services, then navigate to the Standard environments section. See also Service environment details.

Supported devices and browsersSee Supported devices and browsers.
Helix customizations

Customizations can be developed for BMC Helix using Developer Studio. For more information, see Accessing BMC Developer Studio.

Customizations are always created in the development environment and are subsequently promoted by BMC SaaS Operations to the QA and production environments via the Request for Change process. For more information, see BMC Helix ITSM Customization policy and BMC Helix ITSM customization guidelines and promotion process.

Change management

The Change Management process is used to plan, coordinate, implement and monitor changes affecting any customer QA or production environment within the control of BMC SaaS Operations. The Change Management process uses RFCs to manage the work.

For more information, see the BMC Helix Change Management policy.

Lifecycle Requests

BMC provides fulfillment of certain operational and self-service requests as part of your subscription service. These requests, referred to as Lifecycle Requests, include functions such as FTP directory setup, integration connectivity assistance, and so on. These items may be requested at any time by submitting a service request through your support portal. For more information, see Lifecycle Requests.

Self-service functionsFor customers who use the BMC SaaS support portal, BMC provides several utilities to enable customer self-service. Access to these utilities requires registration. For more information, see BMC SaaS Service Desk self-service functions.
UpgradesFor more information, see BMC Helix Upgrade policy.

Connecting to the BMC cloud

For more information, see BMC Helix Client Gateway connectivity.

Roles and responsibilitiesFor information about key BMC and customer roles and their respective responsibilities, see Roles and responsibilities.

Contacting BMC Support

Contact BMC Support via BMC Support Central. BMC Support ensures that you receive the highest quality of application and technical support assistance at a level that is right for your current business needs. Helix customers receive 24 hours a day and 7 days a week continuous support as part of their service subscription.

You can submit an incident, service request, or change request using your support portal. For more information, see Support information.

Product enhancement ideas

To submit a product enhancement idea, log into BMC Community Open link (registration is required) and navigate to the Ideas section of your respective product community. See also Ideas FAQs Open link .

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