Public IPs for outgoing email servers

Allowlisting BMC outgoing IP addresses with your mail server will allow you to avoid emails going to a spam folder and allow them to bypass any unnecessary spam filters. Refer to the table below for the public NATs in use at your service locations.

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Service LocationPublic NAT

BMC Cloud

U.S. Commercial A
U.S. Commercial A
U.S. Commercial A
U.S. Commercial A
U.S. Public Sector216.52.6.89
U.S. Public Sector216.52.6.151
European Union185.136.189.88
European Union185.136.189.108
European Union185.136.188.88
European Union185.136.188.108
United Kingdom185.136.190.88
United Kingdom185.136.190.188


U.S. FedRAMP34.206.132.87
U.S. FedRAMP18.233.74.128
U.S. FedRAMP GovCloud96.127.104.252
U.S. FedRAMP GovCloud3.32.149.124
U.S. FedRAMP GovCloud52.222.71.224

AWS Cloud

U.S. Commercial A AWS44.231.129.120
U.S. Commercial A AWS35.165.228.163
U.S. Commercial A AWS54.190.254.14
Canada AWS99.79.135.142
Canada AWS3.96.75.1
Asia Pacific AWS18.139.96.40
Asia Pacific AWS52.221.67.239
Asia Pacific AWS18.139.183.149
Germany AWS18.197.27.139
Germany AWS18.196.9.229
Germany AWS52.29.246.122
Brazil AWS54.207.155.107
Brazil AWS54.94.2.131
Brazil AWS54.232.139.19
South Africa AWS13.244.156.181
South Africa AWS13.244.198.140
South Africa AWS13.245.43.240
Australia AWS13.210.111.142
Australia AWS54.252.203.14
Australia AWS52.64.113.229

Azure Cloud

United Arab Emirates Azure20.196.2.183
United Arab Emirates Azure40.123.214.148
United Arab Emirates Azure20.45.74.180
United Arab Emirates Azure20.45.73.199
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