Normal, standard, and emergency changes

Changes to a BMC Helix service can be one of the following types:

  • Normal change — A change that goes through a normal change approval process flow
  • Pre-approved change — A preauthorized change that is considered low risk

Normal changes

Normal changes must follow the Change Management process and are reviewed by the Change Advisory Board (CAB).

Pre-approved changes

A normal change that is recurrent, well known, and can be executed using a predefined and relatively risk-free path. It is preapproved by the CAB.

The current list of pre-approved changes includes database refreshes. 

Emergency changes

Emergency changes are required to address a current outage situation in a customer’s environment, or to prevent an imminent outage situation from occurring. All emergency changes must have a corresponding help desk ticket (incident number) assigned and should be recorded as emergency change requests in the system.


An emergency change should be associated with an outage notification or Severity 1 incident. An emergency change should involve changes done to recover from an outage or to avoid an outage situation.

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