Data extraction

BMC Helix customers retain ownership of their data at all times. If customers decide to leave the service and request their data be returned:

  1. BMC will provide a full backup database file (Microsoft SQLServer or PostgreSQL [.bak file extension for either], or .csv file, depending on the service) to customers upon request. Unless stated differently in the customer agreement, the request must be made within 30 days. For BMC Helix ITSM customers, when restoring the database backup on your premises, understanding the relationship between forms and database tables is important. For detailed information, see Relationship between forms and database tables Open link . After the backup file is created, you will have 7 days to retrieve it from the file transfer server.
  2. After 30 days (or per the customer contract), BMC will permanently remove the customer's data from the database by overwriting the data with binary zeroes and destroying the database encryption keys, and deleting disks.


  • Excluding BMC Helix Discovery, customers may request a database backup copy of their data at any time by submitting a request through their support portal. Make sure your request states the specific environment you want extracted.
  • For BMC Helix ITSM, data in archive tables may be exported to comma-separated values (.csv) files by the customer at any time by selecting the System Archive Export function from the archive manager console. See BMC Helix ITSM data archiving for additional details.
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