Data backup and retention

BMC  takes regular disk-to-disk copies as backups for the BMC Helix instances, containerized applications, infrastructure, file structures, configurations, and databases. Backups are stored from a secure facility within the same country as the primary facility, using a retention period as defined below for data recovery purposes.

BMC tests its backup and restore procedures at least annually. Any additional environments purchased is backed up following the schedule will same schedule as the Development environment, seen below. Customers may request a database restore at any time by submitting a Support Case through Support Central.

Backup data is encrypted only if the active data at rest is encrypted. See Data encryption for details.

For file transfer protocol (FTP) retention periods, please visit File transfer process

Database Backup Definition and Schedule

  • A full backup includes the entire database
  • An incremental backup only backs up data that has been modified



DailyIncremental14 calendar daysDisk

14 calendar days

BMC Helix Discovery takes weekly backups retained for 90 calendar days. 


90 calendar days

Non-Production & Additional Environments Purchased

  • Quality Assurance
  • Development
  • Sandbox
DailyIncremental7 calendar daysDisk
WeeklyFull7 calendar daysDisk

Non-Production Trial Environments

  • POC
  • Demo

No backups

If you are an onboarding customer going through a on-premises to Helix Migration, you can self-service taking backups and executing restores on Support Central > Case Management > Lifecycle Requests during your migration project. For details, please view Database backups and restores and Migration process for Remedy on-premises to BMC Helix Innovation Suite Cloud.

BMC determines the scheduling of all backups. As an existing SaaS customer, you can submit a Support Case if you require an ad hoc database backup for your projects.  

For daily, weekly and monthly database backup cycles, the exact time of the backup is not guaranteed as the backup initiates within a 24-hour window. Daily backups are taken except on Sundays when the weekly full backup is taken. The weekly full backup taken on the first Sunday of the month (i.e. the monthly backup) is retained for 90 calendar days.


Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Dubai and Saudi datacenter customers will have their weekly full backup taken on Saturday, instead of Sunday, as the weekend. All other global datacenters will have their weekly full backup taken on Sunday as the weekend.

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