BMC Helix services lifecycle

This section describes the three phases that make up the lifecycle of your BMC Helix services. During these phases, your activities, primary points of contact, and objectives will vary. Your Customer Success Specialist will guide you through the process to ensure a seamless transition from one phase to the next. 

Order and Register

The ordering and registration phase involves a review of the master agreement and ordering documents provided to you by your BMC Account Manager or BMC reseller. Once the required software estate and license quantities are determined, they will be documented on the order form. You will also need to select the data center location for your services based on the location of your user base and other business requirements. After the ordering document is executed, you will receive an email notification that includes a link that takes you to a registration portal where you will finalize your registration. Depending on the services purchased, additional information may be required prior to activation. You will also be required to review and accept additional legal terms from this portal.


Activation is the initial phase of service readiness. BMC provisions the required environments and configures basic customer-specific content. Before activation can begin, you are required to provide some basic information to BMC and agree to the legal terms and conditions. These tasks are to be completed by a technical resource at your company via the BMC SaaS registration portal. After the registration is complete, your activities will be focused on preparing for the Onboarding phase. When activation activities are completed, BMC sends an email message to your technical contact(s) with login credentials and general information about accessing and using the services.

Activation activities are fulfilled for the following services:

BMC Helix Continuous Optimization activation

BMC Helix Client Management activation

BMC Helix Cloud Cost and Cloud Security activations

BMC Helix Innovation Studio activations

BMC Helix Digital Workplace Basic and Advanced activations

BMC Helix Discovery activation

BMC Helix iPaaS activation

BMC Helix ITSM activation

BMC Helix Operations Management activation

BMC Helix Automation Console activation

For more information, see Activation activities.


During this phase, BMC Global Services, a trusted partner or the customer's development staff configures your BMC Helix solutions to meet your business needs. If work is performed by BMC Global Services or a BMC partner, a separate statement of work is executed. Onboarding tasks may include solution planning workshops, application configuration, integration configuration and data migration and loading.

Your onboarding team’s project manager will conduct an onboarding kickoff call. The purpose of this call is to introduce you to the onboarding project team and answer any questions that you may have about the onboarding process. In conjunction with your CVS, your onboarding project manager acts as your advocate and liaison to BMC Support and BMC SaaS Operations as needed.

For more information, see Onboarding services.


As a continuation of the Onboard phase, the Use phase involves the ongoing configuration of foundation data and may involve the design and development of customizations and integrations to your solution. Ongoing changes to your solution may be performed by your own development team, BMC Global Services, or a trusted partner.


This phase commences when your services are live in a production state. The onboarding project team closes out any remaining activities and your primary contacts transition to the BMC Support team and your CVS. Your ongoing focus now is to implement changes within the applications as needed to meet your evolving business requirements.

For a detailed view of operations tasks, access the Operations section of the documentation.

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