BMC Helix service management base data capacity

For BMC Helix service management, base capacity in the development, QA, and production environments for the services listed under BMC Helix Services Storage Allocation is allocated 4 TB of storage per environment. The 4 TB storage allocation is also granted to any additional environments purchased as a part of your BMC Helix subscription, including sandboxes. 

You can purchase additional storage entitlements through the additional storage SKU. Additional storage is sold in 1 TB increments and is applied to all provisioned environments. See also BMC Helix additional storage option.

Storage size can be viewed from the Service Status Dashboard in Support Central > Case Management. Under the ITSM tab, scroll down to the Storage section. This section summarizes the size of your production BMC Helix ITSM, Digital Workplace databases, Innovation Suite applications (in GB), and other BMC Helix Service Management services along with the base data allocation you are entitled to. The usage number is the sum of the size of the following data stores: ITSM, Digital Workplace, Smart IT, Smart Reporting, Innovation Suite and Innovation Suite applications including, but not limited to, Business Workflows, Multi-Cloud Broker, Portfolio Management, among other services.

The following tables are excluded from the calculation: 

  • Any space consumed by DB log files (LDFs)
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  1. Chris Hughes

    My understanding is that base storage allocation is now 4TB not 500gig. Is that correct?

    Jun 02, 2023 09:26
    1. Betty Xu

      The official roll-out has not happened yet - it is being planned for July. Please keep an eye out for the official internal and external (customer) announcement for this change. 

      Jun 22, 2023 11:06