BMC Helix ITOM service

This topic provides an overview of the BMC Helix ITOM bundles-based offering. For BMC Helix ITOM product-specific information, see BMC Helix Operations Management overview Open link

The following items are documented for this service:


BMC Helix ITOM bundles-based services are available with the purchase of any of the following line items from your ordering document:


Unit of Measurement

BMC Helix ITOM Standardper resource unit - SaaS
BMC Helix ITOM Advancedper resource unit - SaaS
BMC Helix ITOM Standard (FedRAMP)per resource unit - SaaS
BMC Helix ITOM Advanced (FedRAMP)per resource unit - SaaS

Please refer to Service locations for available datacenter locations.  

With the "resource unit" unit of measurement, a subscription is required for the highest monthly average of Resource Units monitored, managed or discovered by the service. A Resource Unit (RU) is any type of physical data center asset or cloud computing service with the corresponding values determining the license capacity and subscription services consumed. The following details the list of supported RUs by asset type and their corresponding value: 1 RU = 5 containers; 1 RU = 5 client devices (e.g., laptop, mobile device, or other hardware device permitting access to the Subscription Service(s)); 1 RU = 5 network devices; 1 RU = 5 PaaS resources; 1 RU = 1 Server; 1 RU = 5 storage ports; 1 RU = 5 telecommunication devices; 1 RU = 10 IoT devices, 1 RU = 1 undocumented asset. For example, if the desired License Capacity consists of 100 servers, 50 containers and 50 network devices, the License Capacity would equate to 120 RUs.

License entitlements

BMC Helix ITOM Standard provides core IT operations capabilities to discover, monitor, and optimize your traditional and multi-cloud resources. 

BMC Helix ITOM Advanced provides all the core IT operations capabilities in the Standard licensing, plus advanced use cases for comprehensive resource planning, business driver predications, publishing service models to the CMDB and advanced reporting. 

IT Operations Management serviceBMC Helix ITOM StandardBMC Helix ITOM Advanced
BMC Helix Discovery

Discovery of hardware, software, cloud services, and service dependencies(tick)(tick)
Start anywhere application modeling(tick)(tick)
Publishing to any CMDB(error)(tick)
Advanced reporting (asset and software lifecycle management, regulatory compliance, and certificate management reports)(error)(tick)
BMC Helix Operations Management

Resource monitoring with out-of-the-box knowledge modules (KMs)(tick)(tick)
Event management(tick)(tick)
Anomaly detection(tick)(tick)
Service monitoring(tick)(tick)
Interactive dashboards(tick)(tick)
BMC Helix AIOps

Situations monitoring (policy & AI-based event correlation)(tick)(tick)
Service health monitoring and causal analysis (root cause isolation)(tick)(tick)
Intelligent integration for 3rd party events, metrics, and topology(tick)(tick)
Service Outage Prediction(tick)(tick)
Service Insights(tick)(tick)
BMC Helix Log Analytics

Log collection1 MB per resource with 3-day data retention1 MB per resource with 3-day data retention1
Log enrichment(tick)(tick)

Event generation from logs

BMC Helix Continuous Optimization

Out-of-the-box technology usage views and ETLs2(tick)(tick)
Custom datamarts, views, ETL(error)(tick)
Forecasting with BMC Helix Dashboards(error)(tick)
Device modelling, what-if simulation and reservations(error)(tick)
Business service views and business driver prediction(error)(tick)
Moviri and Sentry IntegratorsMust be purchased separately2Must be purchased separately2
BMC Helix Intelligent Automations

Out-of-the-box automation connectors(error)(tick)
Automation policies(error)(tick)
Automation value dashboards(error)(tick)

1 - Additional daily ingestion with 30-days retention may be purchased separately

2 - Moviri & Sentry Integrators are sold separately with MarketZone direct SKUs

Additional license terms

The following additional terms apply to the BMC Helix ITOM Bundles service:

  • BMC Helix Dashboards and BMC Helix Portal are included as entitlements
  • Licensing terms and conditions are as defined in the governing master agreement and take precedence over any published description from this site.
  • Entitlements are subject to change.

Standard environments

Your purchase of BMC Helix Operations Management provides the following environments:

  • Development
  • Production


If your IT Operations Management subscription services are accompanied by any IT Service Management subscription services, you will also receive a standard QA environment, in addition to Development and a Production environment. 

Add-on services

The following services are available via BMC's MarketZone program for BMC Helix Operations Management:

The following services are available via BMC's MarketZone program for BMC Helix Continuous Optimization:

  • Moviri ETLs Open link
  • Sentry ETLs Open link

Other add-ons: 

  • BMC Helix Operations Management – 1 GB Log Analytics (30 Day Retention)
  • BMC Helix Additional Environment
  • BMC Helix Additional Environment (Public Sector)
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