BMC Helix Incident Response policy

BMC Helix provides reliable service options to run your day-to-day operations. If you experience service disruptions, technical teams are not only committed to ending impact but to providing you with a review of the issue and the steps that have been taken to prevent future occurrences in production.  A Root Cause Analysis (RCA) document will be provided to you within five business days if the issue resulted in a Total Outage in production as defined in the BMC Helix Availability policy.  

Here are guidelines for a Total Outage that meet the RCA document requirements: 

  • A service experiences a total outage or full downtime of any core component in Production environments, as indicated by BMC monitoring tools. 
  • Inability to log in and perform work within a core component for the majority of the user population for that component. 
  • Performance of a core component is impaired to the point of being non-usable. 

The RCA document contains the following information:  

  • Mitigation steps or any actions BMC teams took to stop impact during the incident
  • Any preventative actions BMC is taking to prevent similar impacts in the future
  • Timing of impact as recorded by BMC monitoring
  • Root cause details including the services impacted

The RCA document is delivered via the support case within five business days.  Ensure a support case is created to receive the RCA document.


BMC is committed to providing an assessment of the root cause; however, there may be cases where root cause is not possible to determine. In some complex outage scenarios, when not enough diagnostic data is available or when BMC is unable to reproduce an issue, BMC might need to enable additional logging in the production environment to capture diagnostic data. 

Post Incident Report (PIR)

Post Incident Reports (PIR) are provided for performance impacts or Partial Outages.  A PIR will be created and available within 5 business days for any issue that is a Sev 1 and impacts performance the following sub-components of service: 

  • Global Search
  • Approval engine processing 
  • Assignment Engine processing 
  • Atrium Integrator data import execution 
  • Chat functionality 
  • Inbound email processing 
  • In-application reporting functionality, including Smart Reporting and BMC Helix Dashboards 
  • File transfer processing 
  • Notification engine processing 
  • VPN or BMC Helix Client Gateway 

Core Components 

There are three core categories of components of BMC Helix Services: Cognitive, Cloud and Container, which include the following core services: 

  • BMC Helix Automation Console offering 
  • BMC Helix Business Workflows 
  • BMC Helix Cloud Cost offering 
  • BMC Helix Cloud Security offering 
  • BMC Helix Client Management service 
  • BMC Helix Cognitive applications 
  • BMC Helix Continuous Optimization services 
  • BMC Helix Digital Workplace applications 
  • BMC Helix Discovery service 
  • BMC Helix ITSM applications, including Smart IT 
  • BMC Helix iPaaS 
  • BMC Helix Multi-Cloud Broker 
  • BMC Helix Operations Management services 
  • BMC Helix Premium Connector service 
  • BMC Helix Virtual Agent applications 
  • BMC-owned Custom Applications offerings 
  • Outbound email system 
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