BMC Helix for Communication Service Providers service

This topic provides BMC Helix for CSP (Communication Service Providers) customers with information specific to service operations. For BMC Helix for CSP product-specific documentation, visit the Product Overview page .

The following items are documented for this service: 


The BMC Helix for CSP service is available with the purchase of any of the following line items from your ordering document:

LicenseUnit of MeasurementService location
BMC Helix for CSP - User Licenseper named user - SaaS

U.S. Commercial A

U.S. Public Sector

European Union

United Kingdom

U.S. Commercial A AWS

Canada AWS

Asia Pacific AWS

Germany AWS

Brazil AWS

South Africa AWS

Australia AWS

UAE Azure

Canada Government AWS


Germany OCI

BMC Helix for CSP - Concurrent User Licenseper concurrent user - SaaS
BMC Helix for CSP - User License (FedRAMP)per named user - SaaS


BMC Helix for CSP - Concurrent User License (FedRAMP)per concurrent user - SaaS

With the "per named user - SaaS" unit of measurement, each named user accessing the application has an assigned license that is not available to other users.

With the "per concurrent user - SaaS" unit of measurement, a concurrent user accesses the application from a pool of shared licenses if one is available.

License entitlements

The following applications, features and utilities are available with the purchase of BMC Helix for CSP: 

Entitlements - BMC Helix for CSP applications, features and utilities

  • Dynamic Service Modelling (DSM) is a BMC Helix Discovery datastore accessible and included from your subscription
  • Any functionality outside of DSM, within BMC Helix Discovery, is not included in your subscription 

Additional license terms

The following additional terms apply to the BMC Helix for CSP service:

  • Licensing terms and conditions are as defined in the governing master agreement and take precedence over any published description from this site.
  • Entitlements are subject to change.
  • Non-production environments are configured with the same license capacity as the production environment. 
  • Purchased licenses are only valid on one production environment.
  • License types (Named and Concurrent users) cannot be mixed.
  • Integrations into the system may not be used to circumvent user licensing.

Standard environments

Your purchase of BMC Helix for CSP provides the following environments:

  • Tailoring
  • Quality Assurance
  • Production

Additional environments are available for any BMC Helix service for an additional fee. See BMC Helix additional environment option.

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