BMC Helix Discovery service

This topic provides BMC Helix Discovery customers with information specific to service operations. For BMC Helix Discovery product-specific documentation, visit the Product Overview page.

22.2 BMC Helix Discovery

22.2 and later versions of BMC Discovery can use a REST API to sync with CMDB outside of BMC Helix Client Gateway. 

The following items are documented for this service:


The BMC Helix Discovery service is available with the purchase of the following line item from your ordering document:

LicenseUnit of MeasurementService location

BMC Helix Discovery

per asset - SaaS

U.S. Commercial A AWS

European Union AWS

Canada AWS

Dublin AWS

Singapore AWS

Australia AWS


Germany OCI

BMC Helix Discovery (FedRAMP)

per asset - SaaS


With the "per asset - SaaS" unit of measurement, a subscription is required for the highest monthly average of Assets monitored, managed or discovered by the Subscription Services. “Assets” include Server Endpoints or Cloud Resources. A “Server Endpoint” is any virtual or physical Computer that provides a service for other Computers or users connected to it via the Internet, extranet, intranet, or other networked technologies. A “Cloud Resource” means an instance of a cloud infrastructure that provides a service for other Cloud Resources, Computers or Users connected to it.

License entitlements

A customer is entitled to discover up to the same number of network devices (not classified as an “Access Point”) as the Server Endpoint Asset count provided for by the license at no additional cost.  For example, if customer discovers 1000 Server Endpoint Assets using BMC Helix Discovery, customer can discover up to 1000 network devices without incurring additional charge.

A customer is entitled to discover up to the same number of storage ports as the Server Endpoint Asset count provided for by the license at no additional cost.  For example, if customer discovers 1000 Server Endpoint Assets using BMC Helix Discovery, the customer can discover up to 1000 storage ports without incurring additional charge.

BMC Helix Discovery also entitles customers to leverage Intelligent Integrations, a component that provides Discovery with the ability to ingest data from third-party solutions (e.g. Dynatrace and SolarWinds) as sources for asset discovery and topology information. The data captured from Intelligent Integrations enriches the information identified by BMC Helix Discovery and enables real-time updates to the discovery service model (Dynamic Service Modelling).  Please note: 

  • BMC Helix Discovery licenses will be consumed for assets directly discovered by BMC Helix Discovery, and for unique assets discovered by Intelligent integrations.  
  • If a customer also owns BMC Helix AIOps, entitlements for Intelligent Integrations will include ingesting of the full range of data from third-party integrations including asset, topology, event metric & log data. In this scenario where a customer owns both BMC Helix Discovery and AIOps, the customer will not be charged for assets discovered via Intelligent Integrations.
  • Only the unique assets discovered by BMC Helix Discovery or asset ingested through Intelligent Integration would be counted for license consumption. For example, if both BMC Discovery and Intelligent Integrations discovered the same host, the customer would only use 1 Discovery license. 
  • The use of Intelligent integrations with BMC Helix Discovery, without BMC Helix AIOps, is restricted to the import of asset and topology data only and does not include the ability to import event, metric and log data from third-party sources. 

The following applications, features and utilities are available with the purchase of BMC Helix Discovery: 

Additional license term

The following additional terms apply to the BMC Helix Discovery service:

  • Licensing terms and conditions are as defined in the governing principal agreement and take precedence over any published description from this site.
  • Entitlements are subject to change.
  • Non-production environments are configured with the same license capacity as the production environment. 
  • Purchased licenses are only valid on one production environment.

Standard environments

Your purchase of BMC Helix Discovery provides the following environments:

  • Development
  • Production

Additional environments are available for any BMC Helix service for an additional fee. See BMC Helix additional environment option.


If your IT Operations Management subscription services are accompanied by any IT Service Management subscription services, you will also receive a standard QA environment, in addition to Development and a Production environment. 

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  1. Anthony Bryce

    There is now an "Add-on" service available with BMC Helix Discovery which was released in 21.05. Its called BMC Helix Discovery - Dynamic Service Modelling Add On.

    This page needs updating to reflect this.

    Also, has the "service location" information been updated recently? is this accurate?

    Jun 09, 2021 03:55
  2. Amit Khandelwal

    Also , kindly update the locations from where discovery is available . 

    Jul 26, 2021 04:39
    1. Betty Xu

      Hi Amit, please see the updated locations, thank you. 

      Oct 08, 2021 02:54
  3. Katie carty Tierney

    Can we please add that we can deliver this in AWS - Montreal?

    Oct 08, 2021 11:39
    1. Betty Xu

      Hi Katie, please see the updated AWS locations, including Canada AWS. 

      Oct 08, 2021 02:55