BMC Helix Discovery activation

Activation of your BMC Helix Discovery service includes the provisioning of two environments, pre-configured with the then-current Technology Knowledge Updates Open link (TKU).

As activation completes, BMC sends you an email message with a "first log-in" link for each instance and general information about accessing and using your service. BMC Helix Discovery and BMC Helix Intelligent Integrations can be accessed through the BMC Helix Portal UI. The URLs for your service follow these formats:

BMC Helix Portal UI

  • Development: https://<customerprefix>-<location> 
  • Production: https://<customerprefix>-<location> 
  • Production also accessible via BMC Helix Portal under https:// <customerprefix>

You will define <customerprefix> when registering your service in the BMC SaaS registration portal. This prefix must be unique and may not contain special characters. BMC will define <location> based on the service location.


Customers can customize the text within <customerprefix>. BMC determines the customer-specific URL and custom URL naming conventions are not allowed. 

Additional environments, if purchased, must follow a similar naming convention as the environments listed above, but with the following naming extensions:

Additional environment


Example URL



-tr, -trn or -train




Activation activities include the following: 

  1. Provision the following environments:
    • Development — You can use this environment for implementing and testing changes (such as custom patterns) prior to applying them to production. As part of weekly maintenance activities, BMC SaaS Operations will apply service and TKU updates to your development environment first, and later to the production environment.
    • Production — Your production environment 
    The environments are directly managed by the BMC SaaS Operations team and are monitored and proactively managed with BMC tools to ensure BMC meets or exceeds its service level agreement.
  2. Application of TKUs. BMC SaaS Operations ensures that you are kept up to date with the most current TKU so that you benefit from the ever-increasing coverage of BMC Helix Discovery.
  3. Test and verify that the BMC Helix Discovery solution is available and accessible.
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