BMC Helix Cloud Cost service

This topic provides an overview of the BMC Helix Cloud Cost offering. For BMC Helix Cloud Cost product-specific information, see BMC Helix Cloud Cost overview Open link .

The following items are documented for this service:


BMC Helix Cloud Cost is available with the purchase of any of the following line items from your ordering document:


Unit of Measurement

BMC Helix Cloud Costper asset - SaaS

Please refer to Service locations for available datacenter locations.  

With the "per asset - SaaS" unit of measurement, a subscription is required for the highest monthly average of Assets monitored, managed or discovered by the Subscription Services. “Assets” include Server Endpoints or Cloud Resources. A “Server Endpoint” is any virtual or physical Computer that provides a service for other Computers or users connected to it via the Internet, extranet, intranet, or other networked technologies. A “Cloud Resource” means an instance of a cloud infrastructure that provides a service for other Cloud Resources, Computers or Users connected to it.

License entitlements

The following applications, features and utilities are available with the purchase of BMC Helix Cloud Cost:

Entitlements - BMC Helix Cloud Cost applications, features and utilities

Standard environments

Your purchase of BMC Helix Cloud Cost provides the following environment:

  • Production


If your IT Operations Management subscription services are accompanied by any IT Service Management subscription services, you will also receive a standard QA environment, in addition to Development and a Production environment. 

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