Setting up roles and permissions

This topic provides instructions on creating, editing, and deleting roles.

To understand the concept of roles and how they can be useful, see Roles and permissions.

The following video (2:46) provides an overview of permissions and how to assign permissions to roles in BMC Helix Portal:

To create a role

  1. Navigate to the User access > Roles and permissions page, and click Add role.
  2. Specify a unique name, role type, and optional description. 

  3. Enable the Default role setting to automatically provide permissions to users imported from an external identity provider (IdP). For more information about using default roles to provide permissions, see Roles and permissions

    The role is created. 

  4. (Optional) Based on the role type, perform the following assignments in the panel displayed:

    • Role: Select the permissions, user groups, and users to assign to the role.
    • Composite role: Select the roles, user groups, and users to assign to the composite role.

    You can also update these assignments later by editing the role.

To edit a role

  1. Navigate to the User access > Roles and permissions page. 
  2. From the Actions menu of a role, select Edit.
  3. Change the configuration details provided while creating the role.

    Can I change the name or permissions of a role?

    You can change the name and permissions for a manually-configured role, but not for out-of-the-box roles.

    When you change the assignment for a role, the impacted users receive an in-app notification.

To delete a role

  1. Navigate to the User access > Roles and permissions page.  
  2. Ensure that the role you want to delete does not contain any users, user groups, or selected permissions.
  3. From the Actions menu of the role, select Delete, and click Yes

    Can I delete out-of-the-box roles?

    No. You cannot delete out-of-the-box roles.

    Can I delete multiple roles together?

    No. Bulk deletion of roles is not supported.

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