BMC Helix Portal overview

BMC Helix Portal provides a single unified view of a set of integrated BMC Helix products. This helps create a better user experience by making it faster and easier to navigate between applications without the need for separate authentication or integration. With the common launchpad, administrators can efficiently configure and maintain the integrated products and respond to user needs quickly.

BMC Helix Portal is a SaaS solution with built-in common services on a microservices-based architecture. This means that you can use common services, such as user management, tenant management, and single sign-on, for the BMC products that are integrated on  BMC Helix Portal

The following video (3:23) provides a high-level introduction to the product and explains its key capabilities.

Integrated BMC products

When you access BMC Helix Portal, you see the products for which you have a license. However, as a trial user, you can try and buy all of the products available on BMC Helix Portal. 

BMC Helix AIOps Open link

BMC Helix Automation Console Open link

BMC Helix Cloud Cost Open link

BMC Helix Cloud Security Open link

BMC Helix Continuous Optimization Open link

BMC Helix Developer Tools Open link

BMC Helix Discovery Open link

BMC Helix Dashboards Open link

BMC Helix Intelligent Automation Open link

BMC Helix Intelligent Integrations Open link

BMC Helix Log Analytics Open link

BMC Helix Operations Management Open link

In addition, you can cross-launch the following products from the BMC Helix Portal console.

  • BMC Helix ITSM: Smart IT 
  • BMC Helix Digital Workplace 
  • BMC Helix Digital Workplace Catalog
  • BMC Helix Innovation Suite
  • BMC Helix Business Workflows

Request cross-launch support from the BMC SaaS Operations team at BMC Support. You can request for cross-launch only if you are a licensed user of one or more of the preceding list of products. 

Can an administrator hide the products for users who do not have permissions for that application or service?

No. The product tiles are displayed based on the services that are enabled for that tenant. Users can access a product based on the permissions assigned to them.

BMC product licensing

The integrated BMC products can be categorized into:

  • Licensed products that need to be purchased.
    All integrated products are licensed unless they are add-on or bundled products.
  • Add-on products that are available with one of the licensed products. 
    Add-on products can be further categorized into:
    • Non-licensed: BMC Helix Log Analytics is a non-licensed add-on product available with BMC Helix Operations Management. 
    • Licensed: BMC Helix AIOps is a licensed add-on product available with BMC Helix Operations Management. 
  • Bundled products that can be used across various supported products.
    BMC Helix Dashboards,  BMC Helix Intelligent Integrations, and BMC Helix Developer Tools are bundled products. 

For more information, see  BMC Helix core services Open link .

Common services

BMC Helix Portal provides the following built-in common services:

  • User management 
  • Group management
  • Roles and permissions
  • Notifications
  • Auditing

You can use the User management, Group management, and Roles and permissions services to set up role-based access control (RBAC) across the various integrated products. All the integrated products, irrespective of whether they are add-ons or bundled, can set up RBAC by using BMC Helix Portal. However, some products manage RBAC on their own.

You can access these common services to set up local users and user groups, and roles and permissions from the User access menu on the BMC Helix Portal Home page. For more information, see Setting up role-based access control. You can also set up external user access for a supported identity provider (IdP) and cross-product user access. For more information, see User identities.

As a tenant administrator, use notification profiles to enable or disable bell notifications of a particular type, and to specify the recipients (users and groups) of notifications. For example, to send a role change notification to specific users, add only those users as recipients in the notification profile. For information about types of notifications and the intended recipients, see Managing notification profiles.

As a tenant administrator, view all the user actions for a period in the BMC Helix Portal Audit dashboard. For more information, see Viewing audit records in BMC Helix Dashboards.

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