Making BMC Helix custom applications available from BMC Helix Portal

BMC Helix Portal provides a unified view of the custom applications that are developed in BMC Helix Innovation Studio 22.1.00 and later versions.

Custom applications are not available on BMC Helix Portal by default. You can add these applications to BMC Helix Portal and then launch them from the BMC Helix Portal console without the need for separate authentication.

To enable you to add and launch custom applications for an integrated product from BMC Helix Portal, you need to request the BMC SaaS Operations team.

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Custom applications are available on the Custom applications tab in BMC Helix Portal when added, as shown in the following figure: 

After the applications are added, you can update or remove them from BMC Helix Portal as required.

To add a custom application to BMC Helix Portal

  1. From the Configure menu, select Custom applications.
  2. Click Browse Applications and select the application you want to add. 
  3. Click Confirm.
    The application appears as a tile on the Custom applications tab on BMC Helix Portal.

To update or delete a custom application in BMC Helix Portal

When a custom application is updated in the integrated product, BMC Helix Portal indicates the same.  

  1. From the Configure menu, select Custom applications.
  2. To update an application, click Update for the application for which an update is available.
  3. To delete an application, click Remove for the custom application you want to remove.
    The tile for the removed application no longer appears on the Custom applications tab.
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