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Support for text summarization in your application

The goal of this use case is to leverage the cognitive summarization service in BMC Helix Platform to generate a summary of any input text, attachment text (for example, Adobe PDF (.pdf), Microsoft Word (.doc, .docx), OpenDocument Text (.odt), Microsoft PowerPoint (.ppt, .pptx), and HTML (.html) files), email or chat conversations for the support agents to help them quickly resolve requests.

Scenario for summarizing a chat conversation

An end user initiates a conversation with the chatbot to request for an employee verification letter and provides the purpose of the request. The end user requests that the employee verification letter include the name, date of birth, and date of joining. The end user does not want salary details to be included in the letter. 

The chatbot transfers the chat to the live agent to help the end user.

When the chat is transferred, the live agent receives a summary of the chat conversation that includes the request for employee verification letter and the details that should be included in the letter.

The agent continues the conversation to quickly resolve the end user's request.

The following image illustrates the conversation between the chatbot and the end user and the summary of the chat conversation that is sent to the live agent by using the summarization service:

Summarization service workflow

The following image illustrates the end-to-end process for enabling and testing the summarization service:

1BMC SaaS OperationsConfigures and enables the summarization service for the tenants.Contact BMC SaaS Operations to enables the summarization service.
2DeveloperCreates a configuration for your application so that an administrator can use the configuration to test the summarization service.Creating an application configuration to enable cognitive service summaries
3AdministratorProvides a percentage of sentences that you want to extract from the input text for summarization.Configuring the cognitive summarization service
4AdministratorTests the summarization service.Testing the cognitive summarization service

Cognitive summarization benefits

The cognitive summarization service provides the following capabilities:

  • Provides a quick and effective summary.
  • Saves the support agent's time in reading long chat or email conversations.

Where to go from here

Enabling cognitive service summaries for custom applications

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