This documentation supports the 20.02 version of BMC Helix Platform.

To view the documentation for the current version, select 20.08 from the Product version menu.

Process designer interface

Process designer helps you to design processes for your Digital Service application. Process designer is a visual tool is based on Business Process Model and Notation 2.0 (BPMN) standards. It has elements that can be dragged and dropped on the canvas to create a process. You can also extend the existing Process designer and add your own functionality as suited to your business requirement.

Process designer works in conjunction with other designers of the BMC Helix Innovation Studio such as the record, association, and rule. All the artifacts created by other designers are brought together in the Process designer while creating a process.  

  • A process uses records created from Record designer to carry out a task defined in the process. For example, if you are creating an Employee Onboarding process, the new employee details such as name, last name, employee ID are the different records created in the Record designer.
  • A process uses associations to perform record instance navigation and to navigate to associated record instances. For example, while working on a change management process you can navigate from the Change record to the Customer record, without changing the record context.

Process designer features

Here are some key features of Process designer:

  • Visual designer - It is a visual workflow designer tool that requires minimum knowledge of coding or programming. As the processes are displayed on the canvas, it improves communication on describing the business procedures. You can see the process flows runtime, thus giving improved supportability. You can build processes by easily dragging and dropping elements on the Process designer palette.
  • Process Dashboard - The Manage processes tab is a dashboard of your business activities. Using this dashboard you can search and view all the processes defined in the Process designer. You can also view the details of Active, Suspended, Completed and Failed processes. There is also an option to perform actions like suspend, resume, or cancel processes from here.

The Process designer being a powerful tool can help you design with very complex business processes with ease. Using this visual designer you can:

  • have multiple processes interact with each other,
  • have multiple processes embedded in a bigger process.

To access the Process designer

  1. Log in to BMC Helix Innovation Studio and navigate to the Workspace tab.
  2. Select the application in which you want to create a process.
  3. In the application, click the Processes tab, and click New.
    The Process designer is displayed.

Process designer interface details

The following image describes the Process designer interface:

1PaletteContains tabs to manage process elements and search options for process elements.
2Process ElementsContains process elements that you selected from the Manage Palette tab.
3FavoritesContains process elements that you marked as favorite in the Manage Palette tab.
4RecentContains elements that you used recently to create a business process.
5Manage Palette

Contains a list of all process elements that Process designer offers. You can mark these elements as favorites or select only those that you want BMC Helix Innovation Studio to display on the Process elements tab.

6Process Tool barContains tools for common operations such as zoom, clear canvas, and adjust canvas grid.
7Process InformationContains information about the process such as process name and parameters and permissions assigned to the process.
8JSONShows JSON of the process definition. It is for troubleshooting.
9Element InformationShows properties of the selected element that is used in the process design.
10Process ValidationShows warnings if the process is invalid for any reason.
11CanvasIs the area where process elements are placed to design the process.

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