This documentation supports the 20.02 version of BMC Helix Platform.

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Loading existing Foundation data from Remedy ITSM

As a Remedy IT Service Management Suite (Remedy ITSM) and BMC Helix Platform customer, you can leverage Foundation data from Remedy ITSM in BMC Helix Platform. 

Use this method for loading Foundation data to achieve the following results:

  • Import large amounts of Remedy ITSM Suite version 9.1 SP3 or later Foundation data to BMC Helix Platform with minimal manual intervention.
  • Ensure faster onboarding and engagement of users in the organization - by making the Remedy ITSM Foundation data available quickly to the consuming applications.
  • Continuously synchronize Foundation data changes in Remedy ITSM to BMC Helix Platform.  
    All changes made to Remedy ITSM Foundation data, such as modifications, deletions, and association changes are synchronized to BMC Helix Platform.

The Remedy ITSM Foundation data is first copied to Microsoft Excel spreadsheets and then loaded to BMC Helix Platform. 

Before you begin

Before you load Foundation data from Remedy ITSM, ensure that you have considered the following points:


The Remedy ITSM Foundation data is locked for editing and cannot be modified after loading it in BMC Helix Platform.

Process for loading Foundation data from Remedy ITSM

The following image provides an overview of the process of loading existing Foundation data from Remedy ITSM:

Loading existing Foundation data from Remedy ITSM

For more information about the process, see Leveraging Remedy ITSM Foundation data

Where to go from here

Installing the BMC Helix Platform sync utility for Remedy ITSM

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