This documentation supports the 20.02 version of BMC Helix Platform.

To view the documentation for the current version, select 20.08 from the Product version menu.

Developer subscription process

The process for registering for the Developer program and getting access to the development environment is summarized in the following workflow image:


The BMC Developer Program Open link provides documentation and resources to build and deploy digital innovations for your enterprise.

As part of the BMC Developer Program, you can request access to a personal developer sandbox that includes Orientation, APIs, and a library of reusable components. 

To register for the BMC Developer Program, perform the following steps:

  1. Open the BMC Developer Program Open link .
  2. On the BMC Developer Portal home page, click REGISTER.
  3. On Developer Program Overview page, in the GET STARTED section, click REGISTER for the Developer Program.
  4. In Create BMC Account/Profile, select whether you are a current/future BMC Customer or Developer or a current BMC Partner.
  5. Provide your personal details, and submit the information.

For frequently asked questions about the registration process, see FAQs.

  • Developer

After you register for the BMC Developer Program, you receive an email with login credentials for the BMC Developer Portal. Sandbox consists of BMC Helix Platform environment hosted on the AWS instance.

To get access to the Sandbox, perform the following steps:

  1. Log in to the BMC Developer Portal and click Request Sandbox.
  2. Enter the required details (like Developer ID, username, password) and request access.

    You must provide the following details for the following user accounts:

    • Developer account

      This account is required for accessing the BMC Helix Platform and Remedy Mid Tier through the URLs that will be included in the email sent to you when your sandbox is ready for use. The sandboxes are as follows:

      • Open link
      • Open link
    • Here, XYZ will be replaced with the unique number of your Sandbox. Use the developer account for working with the various modules of the BMC Helix Innovation Studio.
      This account is also used to deploy your application to the server.

    • Administrator account

It takes around 15 minutes to generate your AWS instance. After the instance is generated, you receive an email with the following details:

Sandbox information

  • Host
  • BMC Helix Platform URL
  • Remedy Mid Tier URL
  • AR Java API Port
  • Field ID range

Bundle project configurations

  • webURL
  • rpcEndpoint

You can log in to your sandbox using the credentials that you provide requesting access to the sandbox. The following operations are available for your instance:

  • Restart BMC Helix Platform
  • Restart Sandbox
  • Reset Password
  • Decommission instance
  • Unlock my Account

For resolving issues related to Sandbox access, see Troubleshooting Sandbox access issues.

  • Developer

After you register on the BMC Developer Portal, you get access to self-learning labs, recommended learning content, and the product documentation necessary to bootstrap your developer experience. The following links include the learning content:

  • Learning Labs Open link
  • User assistance
  • Recommended training
  • Developer
  • Application business analyst

After you receive access to Sandbox, you can start developing applications by using BMC Helix Platform. The Developing and deploying code-based applications topic walks you through the process of developing applications right from creating an environment to adding views, and fields. The topic also introduces you to the concepts that you should be familiar with while developing applications.

  • Developer
  • Application business analyst

Share your application on BMC Developer Community Open link .

  • Administrator

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