This documentation supports the 18.11 version of BMC Helix Platform.
To view the latest version, select 19.02 from the Product version menu.

Creating approval notifications to notify approvers

You can create notifications when an approval request is approved, an approval request is rejected, an approval request is reassigned, an error exists in approval signature, and so on.

To create an approval notification

  1. Log in to BMC Helix Innovation Studio and navigate to the Administration tab.
  2. Select Approvals > Notification Configuration.
  3. In the Approval Notifications screen, click New.
  4. In the New Approval Notification window, enter the following details:



    Notification Name

    Enter a name for the notification.

    Record Definition

    Select the appropriate record definition.

    Notify On

    Select one of the following approval cycle event that triggers the notification:

    • New Signature - A new signature line is added to the approval request.
    • Approve - The approval request is approved.
    • Reject - The approval request is rejected.

    • Reassign - An approval is reassigned to a different approver.

    • Error- An error exists in the approval signature.

    • Cancel- An approval request is cancelled.

    • More Info Return- A request for more information is fulfilled.

    • Hold- An approval request is put on hold.

    • More Info- More information is requested by an approver.

    Notification Expression

    To specify additional conditions that control when a notification is sent, click Select to Build an Expression.
    The Approval Service uses these conditions in addition to the option you have selected in the Notify On field.
    You can use the Foundation data to create the Notification Expression.

    Notification Method

    Defaults to Email.
    Email—Users are notified by email.
    You can use this option to send notifications to users who are not using the BMC Remedy AR System server, to an alias for
    a group, or to an email address representing a program.

    Use Email based Approval template

    Select the check box to use an email template for the notification.
    This check box is displayed only if you select the Email notification method and New Signature as value for the Notify On

    Send To

    To specify the users to whom the notification is sent, select one of the following options:

    • All Approvars/Alternates - The approval service sends notifications to the default recipients for the selected approval cycle
      When a request is approved or rejected, the notification is sent based on the Completion Criteria setting in the
      selected Wait for Approval Definition.
      • All Must Approve - The notification is sent to the defined approver and all the other approvers for whom
        signature lines have been created.
      • One Can Approve - The notification is sent only to that approver and not the other approvers in the
        signature line.
    • Other - Specify an individual, a group, or a list of individuals or groups to whom the notification must be sent.
      Alternatively, click Select to Build an Expression to use record instance variables (for example, $fieldName$) to
      specify the recipients.


    Type a subject line for the notification message.
    Alternatively, click Select to Build an Expression to include record instance variables in the subject line of the notification


    Type the message text for the notification.
    Alternatively, click Select to Build an Expression to include record instance variables in the message text.

  5. To activate this notification configuration, select the Enabled box.
  6. To save your changes and close the New Approval Notification window, click Save.

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