This documentation supports the 20.02 version of BMC Helix Platform.

To view the documentation for the current version, select 20.08 from the Product version menu.

Consuming a new version of an application

An application is in consumption when end users in a tenancy are using the application. With every release of a new application version, new set of features and enhancements are provided. Depending on the impact of these features and enhancements, you can decide to test the new version in the test environment before making it available for consumption. 

Points to consider

When you upgrade to the new version, consider the following points:

  • After you upgrade to a new version in a test environment, ensure that you do not create any customizations on the earlier version.
  • Any active process instances created on the earlier version will continue to work on the later version after upgrade.

Before you begin

Ensure that BMC SaaS Operations activates the new version. 


The administrator does not have the option to opt in or opt out for upgrading to a new version in the test and tailoring environments. Instead, the upgrade process automatically opts in for all the environments.

To verify customizations in a test environment

After testing and validating the new version, the administrator must create an export package. For more information about creating an export package, see Creating content packages to deploy tailoring changes of applications. 

The following image shows the steps to verify customizations in a test environment:

To update your customizations in a production environment

After testing the new version in the test environment, you must import the new version along with its changes in the production environment. BMC SaaS Operations must activate the new version in the production environment only after the administrator has imported the export package tailoring changes. After activating, the new version of the application is available for all the tenants for consumption. 

The following image explains the process of upgrading to a new application version in a production environment:

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