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Comparison between cognitive insights and full-text search

BMC Helix Platform provides you the following options to add a search capability in your application.

  • Full-text search (FTS)—FTS is an index driven search. When a user performs a search, only the index is searched instead of the entire text.
  • Cognitive insights—Cognitive insights is an AI-driven search. It enables to search by using natural language query, understands user's query, analyses data, and handles data enrichment requests for data change events.

The following table provides the broad differences between FTS and cognitive insights:

Full-text searchCognitive insights
Full-text search is a keyword-based search.Cognitive insights is a natural language search that provides enhanced results based on keyword extractions, sentiment analysis, relations, and so on.
You must enable fields for FTS so that the data in those fields is searchable during FTS.

You must create collections in the cognitive search provider (IBM Watson Discovery). Along with enabling the fields for cognitive insights, cognitive search also requires search data sets that include searchable fields and record definitions.

Supports attachments in the following formats:

  • Adobe PDF
  • Microsoft Word
  • HTML
  • XML
  • OpenDocument
  • Electronic publication format (digital books)
  • RTF
  • Compression and packaging formation (.zip, .bzip2, .tar, .ar, .cpio)
  • Unicode
  • Java class filed and archives (extracts class names and method signatures from Java class files and the .jar files containing them)
  • mbox (extracts email messages from the mbox format used by many email archives and UNIX mailboxes)
  • Image formats (extracts metadata from image formats supported by the java platform)
  • Audio formats (extracts the lyrics, if present, and any metadata from MP3, MIDI and other simple audio formats)
  • Video formats (supports only Flash video format using a simple parsing algorithm)

Supports attachments in the following formats:

  • Adobe PDF
  • Microsoft Word
  • HTML

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