This documentation supports the 20.08 version of BMC Helix Platform. 
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Using Approval REST APIs

The Approvals library contains REST APIs that enable you to access approvals directly in your application code. Using the ApprovalSignatureResource REST APIs, you can get approval request details or update an approval request.

You can use the Approval REST APIs to perform the following tasks:

  • Get the approval request details.
  • Approve or reject the approval requests.
  • View the approval requests assigned to users.
  • Search for specific approval requests.

Approval REST APIs

The ApprovalSignatureResource resource provides the following APIs:


Returns a list of all approval requests assigned to all users.

getApprovalsByUserIdReturns all the approval requests that contain the specified approver.
listApprovalDetailsByEntryIdsReturns the approval requests that contain the specified entry ID such as approval ID.
getSingleApprovalReturns the details of the single specified approval ID
getSignatureReturns the approval request signature of the specified approval ID.
updateStatusUpdates an approval request with the specified status.
searchApprovalsByUserAndSearchTextSearches for approval requests that contain the specified user and search text.

Sample response

All the GET Approval APIs have similar response format. The following code snippet illustrates the a sample JSON that is returned by a GET Approval REST API:

  "totalSize": 1,
  "data": [
      "actionDate": null,
      "summary": "testing sig",
      "requester": "DellAdmin",
      "priority": "Normal",
      "application": "com.example.taskmanager:TestRD",
      "status": "Pending",
      "request": "000000000000401",
      "signatureID": "000000000000301",
      "createDateSig": "2017-03-29T10:41:19.000Z",
      "approverSignature": null,
      "alternateSignature": null,
      "process": "testWFAD",
      "order": 1,
      "approvalID": "000000000000302",
      "nextGlobalEscalationTime": null,
      "assigneeGroupPermissions": "402;0;",
      "completed": null,
      "statusDtl": "Pending",
      "approvers": "DellAdmin;testing;testingDellAdmin;testing:DellAdmin",
      "processInstanceId": "AGGJ980ICQU7QAONJLZLOM3OD1EOL4",
      "modifiedDateSig": "2017-03-29T10:41:19.000Z",
      "notes": null,
      "nextActionEscalationDate": null,
      "sigTermStateDate": null,
      "justification": null,
      "otherDetail1": null,
      "otherDetail2": null,
      "otherDetail3": null,
      "otherDetail4": null,
      "requireJustificationOnRejection": "No",
      "justificationField": null,
      "canReassign": "Yes",
      "toolTip": null
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