This documentation supports the 20.08 version of BMC Helix Platform. 
To view an earlier version, select 20.02 from the Product version menu.

Updating the default support group data in bulk for existing users

An administrator or any user with the appropriate Foundation Write permissions can set the default support group for agents. Therefore, agents can take up service tickets without having to worry about selecting a support group first.


  • If you have not uploaded your Foundation data yet, then you can ignore this section. The default support group data will be included in the initial sync. 
  • If you have already performed the initial sync without the default support group data, then you will have to update this data. 

You can update the default support group data in the following ways:

Task 1: To export BMC Helix Innovation Studio default support group data to an Excel spreadsheet

  1. Log in to BMC Remedy IT Service Management console as an ITSM administrator.
  2. In the URL, query for the ISS:PeopleSGAssoc form and press enter. 
    For example: http://ITSM Mid-Tier Server/arsys/forms/ITSM Mid-Tier Server/ISS:PeopleSGAssoc 
    The ISS:PeopleSGAssoc form is displayed.
  3. Type % in the Request ID field and click Search
    A list of Request IDs is displayed. 
  4. Select all the request IDs that you want to export and click Report.
  5. On the Report Console - ISS:PeopleSGAssoc page, click  to create a new report.
  6. In Report Name, type a report name. and then click Ok
  7. In the Report Definition section, from the Columns tab, select and move PersonGUID, Support GroupGUID, Full Name, and Support Group Name to the Column list on the right side. 
  8. Save the report and click Run
    The report displays the PersonGUID and Support GroupGUID data.
  9. Click  to export the report as an Excel spreadsheet. 
    The Excel file is downloaded with the same name as the report.

Task 2: To download and update the template spreadsheet with default support group data

  1. Open the spreadsheet that you downloaded in Task 1. Let's say the file name is DefaultSupportGroup.xls.
  2. Download the SupportGroupDefaultTemplate spreadsheet template and open it.
  3. On the DefaultSupportGroup spreadsheet: 
    1. Copy all the rows under PersonGUID column and paste under Associated Person ID column of the SupportGroupDefaultTemplate spreadsheet.
    2. Copy all the rows under Support GroupGUID column and paste under Object GUID column of the SupportGroupDefaultTemplate spreadsheet. 
  4. On the SupportGroupDefaultTemplate spreadsheet, copy the standard information from other columns as it is.
    The following image displays an example of the SupportGroupDefaultTemplate spreadsheet with the default support group data:

  5. Save the SupportGroupDefaultTemplate spreadsheet.

Task 3: To upload the default support group data to BMC Helix Innovation Studio

You must upload the updated SupportGroupDefaultTemplate spreadsheet to BMC Helix Platform so that the default support group data is available for processing. For more information on uploading the spreadsheet, see Uploading the Foundation data spreadsheets. Make sure you select the SupportGroupDefaultTemplate spreadsheet as the attachment. 

After uploading the SupportGroupDefaultTemplate spreadsheet, you can run the load process to import the Foundation data from the spreadsheet to BMC Helix Platform.

Task 4: To view the transaction audits and verify the processed default support group data

When the default support group data is processed successfully after the 30 minutes escalation, it is updated in BMC Helix Innovation Studio and can be verified from the Transaction Audits. 

In BMC Helix Innovation Studio, go to Administration > Foundation Data > ITSM Foundation Data SYNC > Transaction Audits. On the ITSM Synchronized Foundation Data page, you can view the processed default support group data updates.

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