This documentation supports the 19.08 version of BMC Helix Platform. 
To view an earlier version, select 19.05 from the Product version menu.

Submitting user reported issues to BMC Customer Support

When a user encounters an error on BMC Helix Innovation Studio, the user can report the error as an issue along with information about the issue that the user wishes to provide. As an administrator, you can view and resolve the issues reported by users or submit a case to BMC Customer Support to help resolve these issues. You can also consolidate similar issues and submit one to BMC Customer Support.

Before submitting an issue to BMC Customer Support, BMC recommends that you click Search Knowledge Articles to search for any existing knowledge articles related to the issue. 

The following illustration provides information about submitting a user reported issue to BMC Customer Support:

To configure your BMC Service Cloud account

Before you submit user reported issues, ensure that as an administrator you have linked the BMC Service Cloud Account to BMC Helix Platform and configured your email ID with the BMC Service Cloud Account. 

  1. Log in to BMC Helix Innovation Studio and navigate to the Administration tab. 
  2. Select Issue Reporting > Issue Reporting Configuration.
  3. Select BMC Service Cloud Account Configuration and enter the following details:

    Support IDThe Support Contract ID registered for your company.
    Support EmailThe administrator's email ID registered with Customer Support.
    Note: Each administrator has to provide his or her own Support Email and perform the configuration individually.
  4. Select Link BMC Service Cloud Account to BMC Helix Platform and click Link Account
    The Link Account button opens a BMC Service Cloud login page that allows the administrator to enter the credentials for authorization. BMC Service Cloud authenticates the credentials. The administrator authorizes the use of the credentials and then BMC Service Cloud returns an OAuth token for the administrator that is saved in BMC Helix Platform. 

    After the authorization is complete, the status is updated to Account is linked

  5. Click Save

To submit user reported issues to BMC Customer Support

  1. Log in to BMC Helix Innovation Studio and navigate to the Administration tab.
  2. Select Issue Reporting > Application Issues
  3. In the Application Issues section, select the issue submitted by the user that you want to submit to BMC Customer Support.
    You can select the check box to select multiple issues and submit a single case to BMC Customer Support. 
  4. Click Submit to BMC Support
  5. In the Submit to BMC Support dialog box, provide the description and select the severity for the issue.


    BMC recommends that you click Search Knowledge Articles to view the knowledge articles related to the issue before submitting the case to BMC Customer Support.  

  6. Click Submit Case.

After the issues are submitted, a case is created. The administrator can click Refresh Case Status to view the case ID and case status of the submitted issues. After BMC Customer Support resolves the case, the Case Status is updated as Closed.

The administrator can also click Delete to remove the closed issues from the list. 

To mark an issue as duplicate

If the administrator receives two or more similar issues, the administrator can submit just one issue to BMC Customer Support and select the other similar issues and mark them as duplicates.

After BMC Customer Support resolves the case, the Case Status is updated as Closed, the administrator can click Refresh Case Status to view the case ID and case status and then update the user on the status of all these issues.  


You can mark the issue as duplicate only if the Issue Status is New and the issue is not submitted to BMC Customer Support.

  1. From Administration Issue Reporting Application Issues, select the issue submitted by the user that you want to mark as duplicate and click Close as Duplicates.
    On the Close Duplicates Issues page, the issue to be marked as duplicate is displayed in the Selected Issues section. 
  2. From the Are Duplicates Of section, select the issue against which you want to close the selected issue as duplicate.
  3. Click Close Selected Issues.

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