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Product announcements

This topic presents announcements that might affect future releases of the product. These changes can affect the way in which you configure or run BMC Helix Platform. 

Statement of direction: BMC Helix Platform migrated from Oracle JDK to OpenJDK

Oracle has recently changed their license and support model for Java packaged as Oracle JDK and JRE. BMC has decided to move to OpenJDK compilation and runtime for BMC Helix Platform and other products starting from version 19.02 release. While OpenJDK, open source and licensed, is similar to Oracle JDK, BMC strongly recommends recompiling all custom applications with Open JDK11 starting from version 19.02 of BMC Helix Platform. Applications compiled with Oracle JDK 8 will continue to work as long as Oracle JDK specific packages not used. If Oracle JDK-specific packages and libraries have been used in applications, the applications will not function as expected, so this will require an immediate recompile of custom applications with OpenJDK 11. Please plan for this upcoming change and prepare your applications for OpenJDK 11.  

Changes in licensing policy for Oracle Java

Following are some links explaining licensing policy for Oracle Java:

Difference between Oracle JDK and Open JDK

Following link explains the difference between Oracle JDK and Open JDK:

How to go about the change

Following link explains how to go about the change:

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