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Person data

Person data defines the data for users and non-users of your application. Application users require a login ID, permissions, and licenses, such as Employees, and they must belong to an organization. The non-users, such as Customer and Vendor, are people that work for your company or who would require services or render services to your organization.

The first step in creating a standard data model is to create an organization. Everything else that you create belongs to organization. For more information about organizations, see Organization data.


You do not need to create separate record definitions for Person data and its types, such as Employee, Agents, Customer, and Vendor. The types of Person data are now stored as a Type field in a single Person record definition.

BMC Helix Platform enables you to create data for the following out-of-the-box Person types:

Person typeDescription

Represents an employee of the organization. An Employee is further classified into following types:

  • Contractor
  • Ex-Employee
  • Full time
  • Part time
  • Pre-Starter
  • Retiree
  • Other Employee Type
AgentsRepresents the support staff that provides service to other employees or customers.
CustomerRepresents a person for whom a service is offered. A Customer is further classified into following types:
  • Existing
  • Prospect 
  • Other
VendorRepresents a person or a company that offers services. A Vendor is further classified into following types:
  • Partner
  • Supplier

You can use the out-of-the-box Person types or create new Person Type.

Supported Person data associations

You can leverage the person data and its associations to form a data model for your application. The Person record definition stores data for employees, agents, vendors, or customers. After you create all the Foundation data elements—organization, person, location, categorization, and geography, you can associate the person data with other types of Foundation data elements. 

The following table provides a list of all the supported associations for Person data:

Supported associationDescription
Person to Home Address

Creates a relationship between a person and their home address.


Nick is an employee residing at 123 Main Street.

Person to Primary Site

Creates a relationship between a person and the primary location or address where the person works.


Maria and Nick are employees of Calbro Services, which is located at Calbro Services' primary site, Data Centre.

Person to Secondary Organization

Creates a relationship between a person and a secondary organization, such as a business unit, support group, or a department in which the person works.


  • Maria and Clint are employees of Calbro Services, and they work for the Sales business unit.
  • Nick and Phil are employees of Calbro Services, and they work in the Global Operations department.
  • Steve and Tony are employees of Calbro Services in the Customer Support group.

Person to Associate Secondary Organization

Creates an indirect affiliation between person and support organization such as Support Groups, and provides access to the data belonging to the support organization. This association implies that the associated person is not an employee, or report to the manager of the support organization but does perform tasks for that support organization. 


Agents Tony and Clint are members associated to Field Operations and perform Field Operations tasks.

Manager to Person

Creates a person-to-person relationship. The Person can be of type employee, vendor, agent, or a customer.


  • MaryPhil, and Maria are employees working for an organization, and Mary is the manager for Phil and Maria.
  • Similarly, Tony and Clint are agents working for an organization, and Tony is the manager for Clint.
Person to Primary Organization

Creates a relationship between a person and the primary organization the person is employed.


  • Maria, Clint, and Nick are employees working for Calbro Services.

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