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Location data

Location data represents an organization's physical and logical locations.

A physical location represents a site with a physical address or a geographical region. For example, both an office building or warehouse are considered physical locations because they have an address. The East Coast and West Coast of the United States are also considered as physical locations because they represent geographical regions.

A logical location represents an area that has meaning to the business. For example, the Western Sales Region and the Eastern Sales Region. This location provides a meaning to the business where the boundaries are clearly defined only to the business.

You can specify different types of locations, such as the following, when you create a location or import an existing location data:

Location typesDescription

Represents both physical and logical areas. An organization can have several regions, depending on how many sites it has and where the sites are located.

For example, Pacific, Northwest.


Stores the physical address for an organization. The Site record definition is further classified in to the following types:

  • Business
  • Residential
Site Area

Contains a direct association to a Site and is used to further categorize a Site to the following areas:

  • Desk
  • Office
  • Gates

Supported Location data associations

The following table describes the supported associations for Location data:

Type of associationDescription
Region to Region

This association creates a relationship between regions. This association defines a parent-child hierarchy within the regions.


East Coast, West Coast, and Central are the regions available under the parent region North America.

Region to Site

This association creates a relationship between Region and Site where multiple sites can be located in a single region.


Calbro Services headquarters and the Bay Area Sales site are located in the Pacific region.

Site to Site Area

This association creates a relationship between Site and Site Area to further categorize a Site.


The site Data Center consists of multiple areas such as North Gate A and South Gate B.

Location to Organization

This association creates a relationship between the organization record and the site where the organization is located.


Global Operations and Support are departments in Calbro Services that are located at the Operations Headquarters site.

Person to Primary Site

This association creates a relationship between the people record and the primary location or address of the organization where the person is working.


Maria and Nick are employees working for the Holding organization which is located at Data Center.

Person to Home Address

This association defines a relationship between a person record and home address of the person.


Nick is an employee residing at 123 Main Street.

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